Individual Therapy

I believe in working from a strengths-based approach to unlock that which will make your life happier and more meaningful. Do certain habitual patterns keep you locked in an unsatisfactory life?  Do you keep telling yourself the same old unhelpful stories?  Do you feel stuck, anxious, depressed?   One of therapy’s many benefits is that it can help people to better understand themselves.  It also can help to promote self-love and to reduce shame and anxiety; and it can inspire one to live a more enjoyable and positive existence.  Together we will work towards overcoming your harmful thoughts and patterns of behavior.  You only get one life to live, so why not make it all that it can be?

Couples Therapy

Do you have a lot of tension in your relationship?  Do you desire less conflict and more harmony in your relationship?  Intimate partnerships often bring up our deepest vulnerabilities, which is what can make them so difficult.  Sometimes people unknowingly sabotage their relationships.  I will work with both of you with the intention of getting to a place of harmony and peace.  I work closely with couples of various sexual orientations including LGBTQ+.  The intimacy you and your partner develop in the room during couples therapy will change the depth and nature of your relationship.  By working through and practicing healthier habits in the room, and beyond, you will significantly improve the quality of your relationship.

Family/Relationship Therapy

Is there more friction in your family than you want?  Do you desire more support and connection?  Families are complex entities.  Biological, or chosen families, can be filled with complications.  I will work closely with each of you towards getting to a place of balance and fairness.  I will work with all of you to enhance and strengthen communication patterns.  I believe in promoting each family member’s sense of personal agency.  This sense of power and agency will translate to all areas of one’s life and can create a much happier existence for you and for each of your family members.